Monday, February 8- Performance at Slippery Rock University.

Objective I is performed for Dance Department students. Shana Simmons Dance’s newest work “Red Rover, Red Rover” will be seen in both the original and edited forms, accompanied by a video documentary of the process. Editing in dance is discussed.

Friday, March 4- Performance at the VALEES Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

Shana Simmons Dance will be traveling to Chicago as  a commissioned performance to showcase “Grounded in the Soil,” their new work set to the music of Otis Redding and “Red Rover, Red Rover.”  Also premiering is “Screen Between Us,” a piece set by Brady Sanders dealing with the communication struggles technology has brought upon us.

Saturday April 9- Teaching and Performance as part of the SPRING UP Dance Festival in Lehigh Valley, PA

Shana Simmons travels to Lehigh Valley for the second year running.  Composition class 10:30-12pm, Performance 8pm. For more information visit:

Thursday May 12 and Saturday May 14- Dancing in the New Moves Dance Festival in Pittsburgh, PA

Shana Simmons performs with fellow dancers and choreographers Jamie Erin Murphy and Brady Sanders as part of the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater’s New Moves Dance Festival 2016.

Thursday Program A- Brady Sanders and Saturday Program C- Jamie Erin Murphy.

For more information on the festival and performances visit:


Attack Theatre, Bodiography, The Pilates Centre Wildwood, Cajoli, DanceArts Aspinwall, Off the Wall Productions, Square Cafe, Pittsburgh Dance Council, James Wirt & Dan Howell / Keller Williams Reality, Wally & Sue Phillips, The Heinz Small Arts Initiative

As a dancer and choreographer, I have an obligation to both express other people’s opinions as well as my own.  To interpret and create.  What interests me most is taking inspiration from the immediate world in which we are living.  My choreographic expressions are created from the ways in which our society is changing, the need for intimate connections to people and objects, and giving the viewer a unique perspective, if not participatory action.  The result for the viewer is hopefully an emotional reaction or a thought process about the work.

Shana Simmons’ level of choreographic sophistication is what sets her apart from other dance-makers of her generation. --Adrienne Barr Totino